What Is ANGER Alternatives?

ANGER Alternatives began in 1986 as a support group for abusive men. It has since evolved  as a violence prevention service for all types of anger and abusive relationships. 

Because whole families learn abusive interactions from the primary role model, we strongly encourage partners and other family members to be involved. 

This class is a very comfortable and safe place. We don't do confrontational therapy or counseling.

ANGER Alternatives is not an "anger management" class. We don't teach "coping skills" which assumes that other people cause your anger.  

We teach three basic principles:

  1. Anger is a Choice.
  2. Anger is a form of fear.
  3. You're never angry for the reason you think. 

Anger blames others for the feeling. Fear motivates you to take responsibility for your safety; to remove yourself from conflict, instead of staying in danger. 

This class includes an extensive range of topics on healthy human interactions:

  • Non-violent communications
  • Male vs. female communication
  • Verbal, emotional, and mental abuse
  • Constructive self-talk
  • Listening skills
  • . . . and much, much more.