How Can I Tell If I Need Help?

How Would YOU React?

  • My spouse/partner/friend abandoned me.
  • I've lost my job after 20 years.
  • I'm in jail on false charges.
  • Another employee got my promotion.

Let's face it—most of us look for something or someone to blame for our anger. 

Where does that take you? Strike out? Get even? That doesn't solve anything. In fact, no situation is so bad that getting angry won't make it worse. 

Anger does NOT:

  • Improve understanding
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Solve problems
  • Give you power
  • Get long-term results

What is happening in your home?

  • Does it feel good when your family is together, or is there a tense feeling that something may explode anytime?
  • Is laughter comfortable in your home, or is humor usually expressed in sarcasm and put downs? Is yelling or name-calling common?
  • Is there equality among all members, or does one person control all activity?
  • Do people talk openly about their feelings, or do they fear confrontation?
  • Is physical and verbal affection offered spontaneously and often?
  • Are problems met with anger, blame, fear, and discouragement?

A Startling Statistic:
Family violence affects ONE out of FIVE families EVERY week.